Dune (2021 movie)

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Denis Villeneuve wants to make 'at least three' Dune movies
The director tells EW that he'd like to adapt Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah after wrapping up the original book.
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Dune: Part Two officially greenlit following film's successful opening weekend
Director Denis Villeneuve will now be able to tackle the second half of Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel.
Walking the sandwalk: How Dune choreographed Timothée Chalamet's dance through the desert
Director Denis Villeneuve recruited 'Black Swan' choreographer Benjamin Millepeid to design an arrhythmic way of moving through the sands of Arrakis.
Jason Momoa has watched Dune five times — here's what he's excited for you to see
The self-described "uber-fan" tells EW about filming the fight scenes and witnessing a powerful performance from Javier Bardem.

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