Doom Patrol (TV series)

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Doom Patrol star Mark Sheppard says season 4 is 'really good as an ending'
The actor tells EW that showrunner Jeremy Carver, who he has known since their days on Supernatural together, planned for season 4 to be the surreal superhero show's finale.
Diane Guerrero talks exploring Jane's 'softer side' on Doom Patrol season 4
Having lost access to many of her superpowered alters, the superheroine has gotten to take some time to explore her own mind (and body) this season.
Doom Patrol showrunner breaks down Casey Brinke's debut and the relevance of Danny the Street
Jeremy Carver talks about the "nuance" Madeline Zima brings to the bright-eyed new superhero, and why it made sense to show that "even the safe space isn't entirely safe."
Doom Patrol season 4 trailer teases time travel and the secret of the team's immortality
Brendan Fraser's Robotman reverts back to his human form as part of stopping 'the Immortus Project' from destroying the world.

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Doom Patrol star remembers his very first scene: 'Going up a donkey's ass'
Series stars Joivan Wade, April Bowlby, and Michelle Gomez tell EW about their most absurd experiences on the surreal superhero series at New York Comic Con.