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The untold story behind 'Hula Hana,' Dirty Dancing's most iconic number
Celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dirty Dancing by revisiting Lisa Houseman's scene-stealing performance with the actress who played her (and co-wrote the song!), Jane Brucker.
Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey on the enduring relatability of 'I carried a watermelon'
To celebrate Dirty Dancing's 35th anniversary, Jennifer Grey talked to EW about the film's lasting appeal, its meaning in a post-Roe world, and why we love Baby's cringe-worthy watermelon moment.
Dirty Dancing: How the TV remake compares to the original
We rounded up the major differences between ABC's remake and the original so you don't have to

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Not Remakin' It

It's a sequel! No, it's not! Nobody puts Dirty Dancing in a corner.