John Constantine, demon hunter, takes his skills to NBC.

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Constantine series premiere recap: 'Non Est Asylum'
John Constantine can't escape his troubled past in the series premiere.
Constantine recap: The Darkness Beneath
John runs into Zed, who's been having visions of the exorcist for months, while investigating a haunted Pennsylvanian mine.
Constantine recap: "The Devil's Vinyl"
Seasons don't fear the reaper, but John may want to fear Papa Midnite while on the hunt for a haunted vinyl.
Constantine recap: "A Feast of Friends"
An old friend of John's returns and brings with him memories of Newcastle... and a particularly disgusting demon.
Constantine recap: Constantine recap, "Danse Vaudou"
John has to team up with Papa Midnite and a new friend, Jim Corrigan, to stop a trio of spirits terrorizing on New Orleans.

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Constantine recap: "The Rage of Caliban"
John and Chas face off with a child's spirit holding a vendetta against parents while Zed is... off at art class?
Constantine recap: "Blessed Are the Damned"
A preacher begins to experience actual healing powers, but is the source of that power good or evil?