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Tom Cruise discusses his upcoming movie projects

The ''Collateral'' star gives his opinion on the new director of ''Mission: Impossible-3'' and why he's looking forward to filming ''War of the Worlds'' with Steven Spielberg

Director Michael Mann discusses ''Collateral''

He talks with EW about his return to action movies, casting Jamie Foxx, and why Tom Cruise?s character has an all-gray look

''Collateral'' opens at No. 1

Michael Mann's thriller, starring Tom Cruise, takes in $24.4 million, while ''The Village'' takes a dramatic dip

Tom's ''Collateral'' will cruise to No. 1

The thriller won't be his best opening to date, but it should top ''The Village'' and Brittany Murphy's new movie

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Christopher Buckley's ''Thank You for Smoking'' has been picked up by Mel Gibson, while ''Tigerland'''s Joel Schumacher may direct ''Collateral''