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Cobra Kai badass requested butt double for pool scene
Yuji Okumoto takes us behind the scenes of Chozen's revealing moment — and his big confession about Kumiko — in season 5 of Netflix's karate comedy.
Cobra Kai creators on that major Big Red and Little Red reveal
The season 5 finale of Cobra Kai finally confirmed something that fans have been wondering about for years.
Cobra Kai's Sean Kanan reveals the insult he really wanted Mike Barnes to hurl at Terry Silver
The actor says "the table is set" for the "bad boy of karate" to return next season.
Cobra Kai creators explain fates of Kreese and Silver in season 5 finale
Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg answer our burning Cobra Kai season 5 questions about Silver, Kreese, Chozen's love life, and more. Spoilers ahead!
Cobra Kai's Yuji Okumoto thinks Chozen and Silver could have been friends in another life
"They have a lot of things in common," says Okumoto of Chozen and Cobra Kai's season 5 villain, Terry Silver.
Thomas Ian Griffith says Silver and Chozen are 'on a collision course' in Cobra Kai season 5
Whether building his karate empire or facing off with Chozen, Terry Silver "has nothing to hide" in season 5 of Cobra Kai, says Griffith.

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Cobra Kai creator on the meaning behind that shirtless showdown

Robby's gi-ripping moment in the season 4 finale was more than just bare-chested bravado.