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Alicia Silverstone remembers being stunned by Brittany Murphy's Clueless audition
The actress, who reprises her role as Cher Horowitz in a new Super Bowl ad, also told EW about her occasional reunions with Amy Heckerling, Paul Rudd, and Stacey Dash.
Alicia Silverstone reprises Clueless role (and that yellow plaid jacket) for Super Bowl ad: 'It felt really good'
"Her heart is big and she radiates joy," the actress says of bringing back her iconic character for Rakuten's new commercial about — what else? — shopping.
The girl can dress: Donald Faison's daughter is Dionne from Clueless for Halloween
And she does not wear polyester hair unlike some people we know, like Shawana.
Alicia Silverstone (and her dog) want to free Britney Spears in new video: 'We stand with you'
The actress shares a video supporting the Free Britney movement as Spears' conservatorship battle wages on.

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