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Stupid questions with the celeb stars of ''Boot Camp''

Recruits Coolio, David Faustino, Tiffany, and Kato Kaelin dish on their stint on the Fox special

Kato, Coolio, Tiffany enlist in Fox's ''Boot Camp''

They'll be among the sorta-famous folks drilling for dollars in a two-hour celebrity version of last year's reality hit

A boy drowns at Tommy Lee's house

Plus, a series of celebrity stalkers, the last word in KISS memorabilia, and more

''Boot Camp'''s Whitlow wins the $500,000

Wolf was in the lead, but the recruits banded together to shut him out, says Justine Elias

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''Boot Camp'' ditches the Moretti/y duo

Howlin' Wolf and Whitlow the Blank are well matched for the two part finale, says Justine Elias

''Boot Camp'' recruits send Jackson packing

But we're still not seeing enough of those loudmouth D.I.s, says Justine Elias

''Boot Camp'' veers from its intriguing premise

Skip the touchy feely stuff and give us recruits getting their butts whupped, says Kristen Baldwin