Britney and Kevin: Chaotic

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''Chaotic'': Britney and Kevin's wedding video
In the season finale, the couple reveal how they turned their nuptials into a very special episode of ''Punk'd''
''Chaotic'': Britney pops the question
K-Fed's dirty camerawork leads to a marriage proposal, but the whole episode is nothing more than a big tease
''Britney and Kevin'': Talking their love to death
As they continue their European hotel tour on ''Chaotic,'' K-Fed and Brit attack the English language
Britney and Kevin read Letterman's Top Ten
The newlywed reality stars stop by Dave's house for a little self-deprecation
''Britney and Kevin'': Career suicide by videocam
The singer's self-taped chronicle of her romance with the baby-daddy dancer proves she can't handle her truth either