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Michael Bay’s pirate adventure is a vivid prequel to ‘Treasure Island’

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Black Sails EP looks back on the ironic, tragic, and fun series finale
'We knew we wanted to bring these two guys as close together as they've ever been and have it end tragically,' says Jonathan Steinberg
Black Sails EP previews series finale: 'This was always intended to be a tragedy'
'We're saying goodbye to some relationships [that] were never built to make it to the end of this road,' EP Jonathan Steinberg says of the series finale.
Black Sails: Death comes for fan-favorite character in XXVII.
'We've been making them root for pirates and this is what happens to pirates when they're caught,' the actor tells EW

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Black Sails recap: Episode 2

Everyone chases John Silver, but only because everyone just wants to settle down and raise a family.