Big Sky

From TV legend David E. Kelley, Big Sky is a twisty crime thriller set in the remote climes of Montana.

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Reba McEntire says her Big Sky character is unlike anything we've seen her play before
"She'll teach you how to cook a brownie or cut your carotid artery, you just never know which," McEntire teases of Sunny Barnes.
See the bloody Big Sky season 3 trailer featuring sexy sheriff Jensen Ackles and a shady Reba McEntire
Sexy sheriff Jensen Ackles and shady Reba McEntire get in on the action in the exclusive first 'Big Sky: Deadly Trails' trailer.
Big Sky gets a new title ahead of the season 3 premiere: See a first look with Reba McEntire 
A new promo narrated by Reba McEntire promises another season of murderous intrigue for the series, now called 'Big Sky: Deadly Trails.'

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