Bel-Air (TV series)

This is a story all about how The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air got turned upside down in a dramatic reimagining of the iconic '9os sitcom.


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Original Fresh Prince star Tatyana Ali joins Peacock's Bel-Air for season 2
The one-time Ashley Banks actress will now play English teacher Mrs. Hughes, a mentor to the new Ashley (Akira Akbar).
Meet Your Maker: Bel-Air creator Morgan Cooper on the culture that's inspired him
The director, co-writer, and executive producer recommends seven pieces of art that have impacted his creative process, from Kanye West to Miles Davis.
Bel-Air review: A dramatic Fresh Prince that's more ridiculous and less charming
Will Smith's beloved sitcom becomes a silly drama that's not soapy or serious enough.

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