Being Bobby Brown

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''Being Bobby Brown'': A tour of the stars' homes

In the ''bonus'' ninth episode, we visit Bobby and Whitney's mansions, hear the couple's political differences, and learn that the show should have ended last week

''Being Bobby Brown'': Bobby's parenting choices

He takes Bobbi Kristina to Boston so she can get to know her half siblings better, but what the girl needs most is some time out of the spotlight

''Being Bobby Brown'': It's all about Whitney

Mrs. Brown bonding with a Jersey homeboy while shopping is more interesting than Mr. Brown performing his old hits on TV

''Being Bobby Brown'': Whitney's potty mouth

Dropping a few more scatalogical zingers, Mrs. Brown continues to take the series into the toilet

''Being Bobby Brown'': Taking dysfunction outside

When the Brown-Houston family goes camping, sometimes you can't see the forest for the sleaze

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''Being Bobby Brown'': Shopping, Whitney-style

The family jets off for a spending spree in London, where Bobby traumatizes his daughter and meets his fans and the Dalai Lama

Being Bobby Brown

Houston spouts Whiticisms while Bobby courts the cameras, which track the duo's every little step.