And Just Like That (TV series)

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And Just Like That showrunner thinks some fans were 'terrorized' by Carrie's bedwetting moment 
"I think when you do something unknown or for the first time, people look at it like, 'I don't know what this is, and I'm uncomfortable,'" said Michael Patrick King.
Sarah Jessica Parker on why we didn't see Carrie call 911 after Big's heart attack
The 'And Just Like That' star says the moment was an exercise in 'suspended animation.'
The crucial hits and major misses of And Just Like That
What did we hate? What did we tolerate? Here, our hits and misses from the 'Sex and the City' revival.

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And Just Like That stars remember Willie Garson in new documentary
"I cannot believe I can't call him," Sarah Jessica Parker says in And Just Like That... The Documentary.
Sarah Jessica Parker thinks Samantha's absence was 'handled really nicely' on And Just Like That
And Just Like That stars discuss Samantha — and her absence from the SATC revival — in a new documentary about the show.
Sarah Jessica Parker emotionally describes the 'hard-fought choice' to revive Sex and the City

Joined by And Just Like That costars Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, the actress tearfully admits "I didn't think it was going to happen."