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9-1-1's Peter Krause breaks down Bobby's fight for 'justice and revenge' after Wendall's death
"When he goes through those flames, that's not Bobby Nash, fire caption. That's just Bobby Nash," the actor says of the dramatic rescue in season 6, episode 12, "Recovery."
9-1-1's Bobby discovers the truth about Wendall in fiery sneak peek clip
"Bobby certainly is out for vengeance," Peter Krause says of his fire captain character, seen facing a blaze in an exclusive preview of season 6, episode 12, "Recovery."
9-1-1 team unpacks Buck's emotional coma dream episode: 'We're going to see a new side of him'
Actor Oliver Stark and showrunner Kristen Reidel delve into season 4, episode 11 — and tease that Buck's new couch "might be in some danger before the season's over."
See 9-1-1's Eddie break down as Buck enters hospital after lighting strike: 'Do more!'
In an exclusive preview from next week's episode, "In Another Life," Buck still doesn't have a pulse when he arrives at the hospital.
Is 9-1-1's Buck really dead? Oliver Stark previews the 'fever dream' to come
Plus showrunner Kristen Reidel breaks down the other season 6 winter premiere moments — including Maddie and Chimney's family surprise and Bobby, Athena, and May's investigation.

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Is 9-1-1's Hen really leaving the 118? Watch a tense preview clip: 'You're not a firefighter anymore'

Hen is left on the sidelines as her wife, Karen, is still inside a building on fire in a preview clip from Monday's episode of the Fox first responder drama.