The Expanse is going full steam ahead for its first season on Amazon Prime Video. At EW’s New York Comic Con video suite, the sci-fi show’s stars teased “chaos and bedlam” to come in season 4, and a new trailer for the season features chaos and bedlam aplenty.

Set to President John F. Kennedy’s iconic “We choose to go to the Moon” speech, the trailer shows off the new world of Ilus, along with a heaping helping of sci-fi action, including a massive space battle. The landscapes and pioneering spirit of the JFK speech convey the season’s “space Western” feel, teased by star Dominique Tipper in the interview. “It kind of switches up the tone of what we’ve known for the past three seasons,” Tipper added.

The cast also discussed the show’s move to Amazon after being canceled by Syfy, expressing their thanks for fans’ support of the series. “We came into season 4 being renewed by our fans, which was so moving,” star Steven Strait said. “We went in with this sense of gratitude that we had this second life… We really wanted to be able to deliver on the show that the fans saved for us.”

Added showrunner Naren Shankar, “We literally feel like we died and went to heaven. A streaming platform is really, I think, the home the show always wanted. I think we were always built for this exact kind of platform. It’s tremendously creatively free.” (Part of that freedom: No more restrictions on content like language and nudity.)

The Expanse season 4 launches on Amazon Prime Video Dec. 13. Check out the full trailer above, along with EW’s two interviews with the cast and showrunner.

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