Plus, find out more details about her upcoming standalone film, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019 Movie)

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Rosario Dawson is spilling some secrets about her upcoming movies. She stopped by EW’s video studio at New York Comic Con on Friday to talk about her standalone animated film Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, and let slip some exciting information about her role in the Zombieland sequel Zombieland: Double Tap.

“I play a character named Nevada,” Dawson says of the new character. “This is 10 years after the first film came out. She’s survived this world for at least 10 years. She’s a toughie. She’s dynamic and funny and very independent and very capable.”

And when she opened up about how she’s been friends with her Zombieland: Double Tap costar Woody Harrelson for years, that’s when the real information came out.

“When the role came up, he was really emphatic that I do it with him,” Dawson says. “I understand why because he’s super vegan, super vegan products, he comes into work and puts aloe on his face. So he didn’t want to have like some non-vegan person coming in and eating ribs in between takes and then trying to make out with him… I’m so glad I’m mostly plant-based and that’s how I got the role.”

Making out, huh? Sounds like Nevada and Harrelson’s Tallahassee are going to get pretty close! “There’s like a dynamic between them,” Dawson teases. “I’m not even supposed to say this. I feel like I’m already messing up. Sorry! I was not trying to give any of that away.”

As for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, this will be Dawson’s fifth time voicing the character of Wonder Woman but her first standalone film as the titular superhero.

“I’ve been voicing Wonder Woman for a few years now and this gets to be her standout film that really gets into some of the classic storytelling,” Dawson says. “When Steve first lands in Themyscira, when she gets this invitation through this opportunity to go and help bring him home, to go out into that greater world, to leave and be an ambassador for her homeland but also to be in complete culture shock because it’s completely different from how she was raised and where she grew up.”

Dawson continues, “By leaving that behind and joining this new space she’s confronted with a lot of different realities including what the impact of her being in this new space means for the people around her. She’s powerful beyond measure, there’s magic extraordinaire, but she’s also very human in that sense. She’s got a lot of evolving and growth to do. As she’s out there fighting alongside a lot of characters that the fans will love to see resurrected into this story, we’re also in that modern storytelling of an old origin story of really getting into the weeds psychologically with a lot of these characters.”

Check out our full video interview with Dawson above now.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines will be available beginning Oct. 5 and Zombieland: Double Tap hits theaters Oct. 18.

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