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Big Mouth, like its pubescent protagonists, has a long, gross, awkward road ahead.

Voice actors Nick Kroll (also one of the show’s creators), Jason Mantzoukas, and Jessi Klein stopped by EW’s video studio at New York Comic Con to chat about what’s to come in the Netflix animated comedy’s third season (which drops tomorrow, Oct. 4). Among the details they teased: Jay (Mantzoukas) moves in with Nick’s (Kroll) family, and Missy (Jenny Slate) finally gets her own Hormone Monstress, voiced by Westworld’s Thandie Newton.

“We figured it’d be funny for Missy, who’s a bit buttoned-up but has this real kind of wild side, to have an English party girl as her Hormone Monstress,” Kroll, who also co-created the show, explains.

The actors also chatted about what the show’s three-season renewal means for the future (“I’m excited for it to become live-action, finally,” Mantzoukas quips), balancing the show’s “filthy and dirty” elements with its “heartwarming, vulnerable” side, and the benefits of making an animated show about growing up — namely, that the child characters don’t age. (“I’m still so mad at [The Wonder Years star] Fred Savage for hitting puberty,” jokes Kroll.)

Hot on the heels of this interview, Netflix announced a spin-off series, Human Resources, a workplace comedy set in the world of Big Mouth’s Hormone Monsters. An official announcement video revealed few other details (no premiere date yet) but showed off a very whimsical-looking setting and characters.

You can watch the NYCC interview above. Don’t worry, it’s (relatively) SFW.

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