By Caroline Tew
July 22, 2019 at 09:19 PM EDT
Eric Ray Davidson for EW

Tens of thousands of people swarmed Comic-Con at the San Diego convention center this past weekend to see their favorite celebrities, swipe cool merch, and hear the latest pop-culture announcements. Amongst all the chaos, there is one clear MVP of Comic-Con: Lin-Manuel Miranda. From clandestine meetings with other celebrities to going undercover on the floor, the Hamilton playwright has generated plenty of wholesome Comic-Con content.

Miranda was at the convention promoting the upcoming HBO series His Dark Materials, a dark fantasy adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy. When the stars and producers of the show stopped by our video studio to talk to EW’s Devan Coggan, Miranda radiated sheer excitement for the project. “They held up the book and I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll play a daemon. I’ll play anything to be in this.” While other cast members were choosing more conventional animals, Miranda cheekily admitted that his daemon would be a subway rat.

But, Miranda wasn’t done. The next day he dropped in as a surprise panelist for DuckTales, where he has voiced Gizmoduck since season 1 of the show. If you’re looking for something to make you smile, Miranda talking to EW’s Marc Snetiker about that show’s characters just might do the trick. And he also revealed how the original DuckTales series influenced his first musical, In the Heights: “The Darkwing Duck theme song is so important to my development as a man, as an artist, as a songwriter.” Watch below for more on that!

Soon after, Veronica Mars and The Good Place star Kristen Bell spotted Miranda in the EW lounge. After the two ran to each other for the first-ever meeting, they snapped some pics to share with the world. Miranda tweeted, “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen two total strangers scream “I Love You!!” at each other across a crowded room but this is the picture we took right after we did that.”

The excitement was clearly mutual. After the two celebs met, the Bell posted an Instagram video about the meeting. “Lin-Manuel Miranda is the new sloth,” she wrote, referencing the 2012 viral video when she cried meeting a sloth

EW wrangled the two for an official portrait, and both Bell and Miranda promptly made it their profile pictures on Twitter. It doesn’t get cuter than that.

Eric Ray Davidson for EW

After his panels were done, Miranda obviously wanted to be in the room where it happens, so he did all he could to soak up the Comic-Con fun. He hit the floor in a Deadpool suit with DuckTales costar Ben Schwartz, who donned a Luchador-style wrestling mask. The two took photos with unsuspecting fans and checked out all that Comic-Con had to offer, documenting their adventure in a Twitter thread.

But, Miranda didn’t have to stay undercover the whole time. He posted pictures with plenty of other celebs. He shimmies with Melissa Fumero, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amy Santiago and Miranda’s on-screen sister, smiles next to She-Ra’s Aimee Carrero, and poses next to Game of Thrones’ Raleigh Ritchie, who also happened to dress up as a superhero to walk to Comic-Con floor.

Miranda also caught up with Daveed Diggs, his former Hamilton costar, who was at Comic-Con for the upcoming TBS series Snowpiercer.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

And we can’t leave out the fun photos he took with fellow His Dark Materials stars, Dafne Keen and Ruth Wilson.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Those big Marvel announcements might be what (nearly) everyone was talking about leaving San Diego, but no question about it, Lin-Manuel Miranda was definitely king of the con!

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