Ever since the season 1 finale twist that revealed Eleanor (Kristen Bell) was actually in the Bad Place, The Good Place fans have wondered if we’d ever see the REAL Good Place on the NBC comedy. And when creator Mike Schur dropped by EW’s Comic-Con video suite on Saturday, he teased something that will have you screaming, “Holy mother forking shirt balls!”

EW’s Sam Highfill asked the showrunner point blank if we’ll get to see the actual Good Place in the fourth and final season, and he replied in a cagey but optimistic way. “We go to new places in season 4,” he says. “New things happen, we see new people. We continue the pace we set of the first three seasons of new, new, new.”

That sounds like a (maybe) yes to us! While not much is known about the final season of The Good Place, the stars — including Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and more —revealed that they’ve actually already filmed most of the episodes. All they have to shoot is the final two installments, and they all know how the show ends. Of course, they’re not going to tell us. But they did reveal some interesting details about the final season, including how Eleanor is at her most responsible now that she’s been forced to take over for Michael as the fake architect of the “Good Place” afterlife experiment.

“It’s her biggest season of growth because it’s really where she has to walk the walk of love being a choice and not a feeling,” Bell says. “She’s going to choose to love Chidi even though he’s not able to reciprocate the feelings. Even though all the joy is sucked out of their relationship because he doesn’t remember it, but she’s still going to choose to love him because he said, ‘I need to do this, I need to sacrifice myself.’ And you also see her step up to the plate to help Michael when he is too frantic and panicked to make any decisions which is the first time you actually see her step up and take charge.”

When we last saw Michael, he had a panic attack after stressing about their one and only shot to get into the actual Good Place. By the time season 4 begins, “he’s recovered sufficiently to function,” according to Schur.

“The premiere is about meeting the other two [humans in the new experiment],” Schur adds. “Michael is not in complete meltdown mode anymore. He’s functioning and he and Eleanor are a team.”

Check out the full interview with the cast and creator above.

The Good Place‘s fourth and final season premieres Sept. 26 on NBC.

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