Snowpiercer is all that’s left of the world.”

On a planet freezing all of life as we know it, there is Snowpiercer, the nonstop train which courses through the icy Earth and plays out a brutal, endless social experiment. The TBS series is based on both the original 1982 graphic novel and the acclaimed 2013 film of the same name, directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton.

The trailer showcases the harsh clash divisions and ensuing mutiny that viewers familiar with the story’s previous iterations should recognize. In this new version, Daveed Diggs plays Andre Layton, a prisoner struggling to survive who’s given new hope, while Jennifer Connolly takes on the menacing role of Melanie Cavill. Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, and Susan Park rank among the rest of the large main cast.

The official trailer for the TBS series dropped during the show’s official panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday; an intense clip from the second episode was also screened. The conversation, which featured executive producer Graeme Manson and cast members including Diggs and Connelly, covered the process of adaptation and what Snowpiercer might look like beyond the first season.

Manson revealed at the panel that additional characters from the graphic novel would likely appear in season 2. TBS’s Snowpiercer contains the “feel of the movie and the ideas of the graphic novel,” in his words.

It’s an intense, exciting first look at the new Snowpiercer. As Connelly’s Voice of the Train warns, “For your personal safety, be prepared to brace.”

Snowpiercer will premiere on TBS in spring of 2020.

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