When the cast of Snowpiercer, the TBS sci-fi series, stopped by Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con studio in San Diego on Saturday, they received an unexpected morning snack: cricket bars.

Before we explain the significance of cricket bars, here’s a general overview of Snowpiercer for context.

As showrunner Graeme Manson explained, “Snowpiercer takes place seven years in the future when humanity, in our infinite wisdom, has attempted to cure climate change but has instead plunged the earth back into an Ice Age. So, the remnants of humanity have retreated into a giant, frozen, perpetual train that circles the earth, existentially, forever.”

At the front of the train are the upper class, people like Jennifer Connelly‘s Melanie Cavill, head of hospitality. In the way way back, are the lower class, like Daveed Diggs‘ Andre Layton, part of the “passengers who didn’t have tickets but fought their way on as the train was leaving,” the actor said. “So, we’re a class of stowaways given the right to live as long as we work, but conditions aren’t ideal.”

Cricket bars, as also depicted in the 2013 movie starring Chris Evans, are protein bars served as the main meal to the back of the train… but they’re made out of crickets.

TBS turned this element from the series into promotional bars that made their way to Comic-Con. And the cast now get to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

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