The Good Place is winding down shortly, but the laughs will live on forever. Including the ones that didn’t quite make the final cut. On Saturday, pegged to the stars’ and creator Mike Schur’s final appearance together at Comic-Con, NBC released a new, not-quite-nine-minute blooper reel featuring all sorts of takes from the actors of the beloved afterlife comedy that came up juuuuuust shy of heavenly.

Off-the-rails things that you will see include but are not limited to: Kristen Bell losing a battle with a shrimp, Ted Danson losing a book in the library in which he was pretending to work, William Jackson Harper interpreting Danson’s gesture to his nose as a sign for cocaine, Adam Scott unconvincingly sell a Jamaican accent, D’Arcy Carden having trouble with cute killer puppies, Manny Jacinto having too much fun with two trophies, Jameela Jamil apologizing to nearly every one in the room after uttering some words that wouldn’t fly in the Good Place, and Donkey Doug forgetting he was Donkey Doug.

Bell, Danson, Harper, Jamil, Carden, and Manny Jacinto, along with creator Mike Schur, took the stage in San Diego to reminisce and face the tearful realities of the impending final goodbye, as The Good Place is nearing the end of filming its fourth and final season. “It feels like a breakup when you are still in love with the person but you knew it wasn’t going to last,” Carden told the crowd. “It’s sad as hell. We can say it’s great but it sucks.”

Danson, meanwhile, has a fairly effective coping strategy — booking a new job. “Yes, that’s how I handle breakups,” he quipped. “You can’t divorce me I quit! I’m going to work with Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. I’m going to play the mayor of Los Angeles.” (Read about his just-announced NBC comedy here.)

Harper sang an original song about his pet dog Chico, the crowd gave the cast a massive standing ovation that even choked up Schur, the creator revealed that viewers will see a “new Janet” this season, and and Bell weighed in on what would happen if two of her most indelible and forceful characters, Veronica Mars and Eleanor Shellstrop, ever met each other. “That’s kind of a no contest,” answered Bell. “Veronica would slay Eleanor so bad. She would eat her. After Veronica gave her what for, Eleanor would have mad respect for her and want to be part of her crew.”

The Good Place kicks off season 4 on Sept. 26.

Additional reporting by Lynette Rice.

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