This fall, Family Guy will unleash a new season of animated jinks both high and low. But this fall is a long time off, so in what’s become an annual tradition at Comic-Con, the folks behind the animated comedy rolled out a several-minute peek at the upcoming action on Saturday in San Diego.

Of note: Peter shares the couch with legendary chuckleheads Beavis & Butt-head, and that cartoon mash-up features guest vocals from none other than B&B creator Mike Judge, as well as a questionable updo hairstyle for Peter. Meanwhile, Meg finds true love on the high seas, only to have it cruelly and most graphically taken away from her when her new boyfriend is beheaded. But Meg is determined to make this relationship work, so she stitches his head back on, only to watch it fall one floor down. Chris is determined to get that head back to her, but that does not go well. More than once. More than twice. More than four times, actually.

Speaking of monstrous stitched-on creations, Peter goes through a mad-scientist phase and works with cat brains and baby bodies. (When asked, “Are you…making people?” Peter responds with a frightening laugh, “He’ll be flattered you called him that!”) And speaking of cats, Peter ventures into Quagmire’s house, where Quahog’s go-to perv is now living with 73 cats and offering refreshments like water with cat hair in it, lemonade with cat hair in it, cat hair ginger ale, cat hair ice tea. Watch the video to see too many cats, as well as what happened to Meg when she ran away to Japan.

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