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San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is moving full speed ahead! Two days have already passed at the convention full of exciting announcements, hilarious pop culture moments, and fascinating interviews. But day three is here and EW isn’t missing a beat.

The first day had plenty of excitement on Thursday, with new trailers, castings, and more. But then Friday was like, “Hold my beer,” and dropped Hulu’s Veronica Mars revival season a full week early (so get to binge-watching, Marshmallows!). Still, we’re only halfway through the nerdy celebration, and Saturday promises to be the best one yet, as EW continues to bring you all the news coming out of Comic-Con panels and our exclusive interviews.

Read on for all the major announcements and trailers revealed during day three, and don’t forget to check out our live coverage of all your favorite casts from our video suite. (This post will be updated throughout the day to reflect breaking news.)

Marvel unleashes entire Phase 4 lineup (with a Phase 5 surprise)

Westworld releases stunning season 3 trailer

Westworld is giving the first deep-dive look at its mysterious third season. The HBO future-shock drama series unveiled a stunning full trailer that provocatively included a look at a new World War II Germany theme park setting (so, yes: Nazi robots).

Star Trek: Discovery reveals first look at mysterious season 3

Season 2 of the sci-fi series concluded with the crew of the USS Discovery plunging their ship into a wormhole transporting them a whopping 950 years into the future — further into the future that the franchise has ever explored. See the first images, which have Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and a new character named Cleveland Booker, “Book” for short (David Ajala), on a new planet.

Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham ; David Ajala as Book of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Lilja J--nsd--ttir/CBS © 2019 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.
Credit: Lilja Jónsdóttir/CBS

HBO’s Watchmen trailer teases Doctor Manhattan’s return

HBO’s latest Watchmen trailer, a dramatic look at Damon Lindelof’s upcoming series adaptation, debuts fan favorite Doctor Manhattan and his mysterious return to Earth after living on Mars. Watch the new footage here.

Doom Patrol gets a second season

No need to say goodbye to Danny the Street. DC Universe’s Doom Patrol will return for a second season that will debut simultaneously on the streaming service and HBO Max in 2020. Plus, mark your calendars: Titans season 2 premieres Sept. 6 on DC Universe.

Amazon’s revived The Expanse reveals first trailer and premiere date

The Expanse lives! The first season since Amazon saved the Syfy series from cancellation unveiled the first trailer during its panel, along with a premiere date.

Mehcad Brooks is leaving Supergirl in season 5

The actor stopped by EW’s video suite to open up about his decision to leave the show this season, and he promises that his exit will be “gracious.”

The Good Place debuts hilarious blooper reel

Holy mother-forking shirt-balls! You thought The Good Place was funny? Just wait until you see the season 3 blooper reel, along with hilarious tidbits from the panel.

The Flash gets a new villain

Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy is joining The Flash season 6 as Dr. Ramsey Rosso, a.k.a. the DC Comics villain Bloodwork. Get all the details on his chilling new villain here.

Credit: WBTV; DC

Jon Cryer is returning to the Arrowverse as Lex Luthor

We haven’t seen the last of Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor on Supergirl. Cryer will be back as the megalomaniacal criminal mastermind in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover coming later this year. This isn’t terribly surprising because, although Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) killed her brother in the season 4 finale, the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) showed up and did something to the body in the final moments of the episode. Get all the details here.

Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Rodgers will make her directorial debut in season 8

The end of the CW’s Arrow will also mark a new beginning: Star Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who plays Laurel (in multiple incarnations) on the series, will make her directorial debut with an episode of the show’s eighth and final season. “Throughout the years I always have wanted to, and I just started shadowing more and shadowing more, and I recently did the Warner Bros. directors’ program, which was incredible,” Rodgers told EW. “It’s going to be fun.” Plus, Arrow finally cast the role of John Diggle Jr.: Please give a warm welcome to Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett, who will play the adult version of Diggle’s (David Ramsey) son in the future story line.

The Goldbergs are going on Vacation

Set your course for Walley World — the Goldbergs are going on Vacation. The stars of The Goldbergs and its spin-off Schooled stopped by the EW video studio, where they hinted at what’s to come for their throwback-happy series. “The first script [of the season], we’re doing Vacation,” Goldbergs star Troy Gentile said in a live video broadcast on our YouTube channel. “I’m not going to tell you guys where, but we’re going on vacation.”

EW’s own Sarah Rodman hosts the Women Who Kick Ass panel

Some of TV’s most inspirational and exciting female stars took over Hall H for EW’s annual Women Who Kick Ass panel, featuring some of the most badass females on TV today for an empowering conversation. Check out the highlights here.

TBS’ Snowpiercer series finally releases first trailer

Be prepared to brace. Check out the footage here.

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