Veronica Mars has taken San Diego Comic-Con by storm. Not only did the cast announce that season 4 of the show — AKA the Hulu revival — is available NOW, a week ahead of its original release date, but the cast also took the time to talk about the experience of returning to their beloved characters.

The cult-classic originally aired from 2004 to 2007 and followed Kristen Bell's titular P.I. as she worked with her father — despite being a teenager — to solve the many mysteries happening around their town of Neptune, California. Although there was a Veronica Mars movie in 2014, the Hulu revival marks the first season of the show in 12 years. And from what we know about it so far, it's a more "adult" version of Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars
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Although the revival wasn't always a sure thing, during the show's Comic-Con panel on Friday, Bell admitted that she was hesitant to return to the series. "It's a beast to shoot," Bell said of the show. "It's really long hours. I was hesitant to do that with two young kids and I had to make the decision of: Am I going to miss six months of bedtimes to put this girl back into the world? Because everybody else wanted to. It was a hard decision at first but then I was like, 'No you have to, you have to have this character, this superhero without a cape out there as an example for your children.'" Speaking of her daughters, Bell declared that she thinks 13 is the proper age for them to watch the series, though she said they might have to wait until they're 15 for season 4. (Did we mention it's more adult?)

And finally, Bell played a little f—, marry, kill with Veronica's former flames. Her answer: F— Leo, Marry Piz, and Kill Duncan.

–Reporting by Sarah Rodman

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