The former Superman stopped by EW's Comic-Con studio with more of the cast.

If you can’t get enough of Henry Cavill in a silver wig, guess what? He’s just as delighted to wear it as you are to see it.

The star of Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher stopped by EW’s Comic-Con studio, where Cavill, showrunner Lauren Hissrich, and costars Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra gushed about their upcoming adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels in a live video broadcast on EW’s YouTube channel.

“I’m a big gamer and so I had [previously] played the games a lot,” Cavill told EW’s Samantha Highfill. “Then, when I heard the show was becoming a thing, it was a bit like an opportunity dream come true.” He met with Hissrich about the role before she’d even written the script — “because I wouldn’t take no for an answer,” said the actor. “I was like, ‘I know I want that meeting!’”

Cavill plays Geralt, the titular monster-killing Witcher, alongside Chalotra as sorceress Yennefer and Allan as the princess Ciri, all three of whom join together as an unlikely trio in a demon-ridden fictional land called the Continent. “I think it’s a fantasy series which uses all the regular fantasy tropes — gnomes, elves, dwarves, monsters, heroes,” Cavill says of the show. But at the same time, “it really dives deeply into very real-world issues that we experience — racism, social injustice, the nature of politics and how they affect on our world dramatically on a daily basis. It’s all the fantasy stuff and more — all the fantasy stuff but with very, very recognizable themes.”

For more from the cast and creator of The Witcher, watch the video above. And keep checking back for more of EW’s coverage from San Diego Comic-Con all weekend!

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