The cast stopped by EW's Comic-Con video studio to share some clues.

Nancy Drew (2019 TV series)

We’ve unearthed some clues about the CW’s Nancy Drew!

The cast of the upcoming series stopped by the EW studio at San Diego Comic-Con to tease the small-screen adaptation of the beloved book series in a live video on EW’s YouTube channel.

Kennedy McMann, who plays the iconic girl-detective, has been a fan since childhood, so essentially has been preparing for this role “truly for my entire life,” she told EW’s Samantha Highfill. “I think there’s a sense of her character that comes from the games and comes from the books that you only know intimately if you’ve really gotten to know them,” she continued. “There’s this cunning but this sense of humor mixed into it, and this sense of [how] she never doubts herself, that I really wanted to make sure stayed true [in] this representation of her.”

“All the characters in this are very relatable and human,” said Leah Lewis, who plays George. “In the books I feel like it focuses more on them in action, whereas this focuses a lot on the relationships.” The cast went on to preview a bit of what those relationships might look like — and the players in them. “For George, she is this really tough girl who kind of grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,” Lewis teased. “She and Nancy have some pretty bad beef, which you’ll have to see unfold!”

Maddison Jaizani’s Bess “is a city girl, so she sort of sticks out a little bit in this town,” the actress said. “But she’s also exploring her own identity, which — it’s more than meets the eye.”

The new series’ Ned “Nick” Nickerson “is quite a different imagining from the books,” actor Tunji Kasim revealed. “We’ve kind of started again with his character, and actually Ned — a.k.a. Nick — has a bit of a history.”

And Alex Saxon’s Ace? “He’s sort of along for the ride,” the actor said (in such a way that suggested he’s absolutely not just along for the ride). “Yeah, he washes dishes, hangs out with everybody, and tries to solve a little crime when he can.”

For more from the cast of the CW’s Nancy Drew, check out the video above. And keep checking back for more of EW’s coverage of San Diego Comic-Con all week!

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