Warning: This article contains spoilers from Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 7, “Still Standing.”

With one episode left before Fear the Walking Dead takes its season 5 midseason break, Alicia’s future doesn’t seem so bright anymore. And, of course, actress Alycia Debnam-Carey can’t say too much about it — but she did unpack that foreboding moment a bit for EW and tease what’s to come in this Sunday’s episode.

In last week’s “Still Standing,” the last surviving member of the Clark family fought off a herd of walkers so that Annie, Max, Dylan, and the rest of the kids could flee their tree fort to safety. One of the walkers, however, turned out to be radioactive. In slaying it, Alicia found herself contaminated, and we know anyone contamindated by this radiation from the nearby power plant doesn’t last long.

Direct from EW’s Comic-Con studio in San Diego for the big international geek convention, Carey said, “I had a lot of questions… It’s tricky with this stuff and especially these questions because there’s so little I can say. I guess from a character standpoint, what’s interesting about it is it’s the first time we see Alicia open up and try to connect with people, and almost as soon as that happens she’s in jeopardy.”

She added, “I thought what was cool about it, what I wanted to see was, she’s been a warrior for so long, and I wanted to get her to this breaking point where enough is enough and now she’s forced to either completely change or succumb to it. So I think what this at least does going forward, it opens up a whole new personality possibility for her of what she chooses to do with some of the information she has.”

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The Fear the Walking Dead showrunners also weighed in previously on Alicia with EW, being that her potential death would join the character with brother Nick, mother Madison, Travis, Chris, Ofelia, and Liza.

“All that contaminated blood on Alicia definitely puts her in a lot of risk and danger,” Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg wrote in a joint email. “That’s not to say that it will put her at the same level of exposure as the people from the plant, or even Grace, but it’s definitely cause for concern.”

In season 5’s midseason finale, we know that Morgan (Lennie James) and the rest of the group need to get the heck out of the mountains or risk being killed when the power plant melts down again. The kids finally agreed to join them, Dwight made peace with Sherry’s request in her final note, and Morgan persuaded Grace to join them, but Alicia is still off in the woods somewhere.

“There is one thing I can say, I think: Wendell [Daryl Mitchell] has a big moment in episode 8,” James said. Jenna Elfman, who plays June, agreed the moment is “badass” and will “rip your heart out.”

“It was a midseason finale that felt like filming a finale,” Carey chimed back in. “It’s big in scope. It’s very big. It was an exhausting episode in a great way.”

Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason finale airs this Sunday starting at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Watch the video above for more from the cast.

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