Credit: Beau Grealy for EW

Way back in 1990, I fell in love. I was the kind of kid who thought R.E.M. were only cool when their lyrics were unintelligible, memorized Young Frankenstein dialogue, and knew every member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, from Matter-Eater Lad to Tyroc. Try to imagine a world where such knowledge was, to put it mildly, borderline socially acceptable.

Then EW came along, shaking up the culture and making all those things not just okay but awesome — and my life changed forever. For those of us who spent too much time glued to Must See TV or footnoting The Silmarillion, this magazine was a club run by people who were sharp as razors and laugh-till-you-cry funny. They took pop culture seriously (or just seriously enough) and helped raise a generation of Hollywood talent. All these years later, getting to work at the brand that inspired me and so many others feels like coming home.

I get to move in at an exciting time: We are living through a new golden age of show business, and EW’s clubhouse is the white-hot hub of a global conversation. Wherever great stories are being told, we will be there, witty as ever, giving our hot takes and inviting you and the creators you admire to join us. Because let’s face it, nothing in life and art is more fun.

Now let’s get to our Moaning Myrtle, whinging in the loo. EW is going monthly to provide you with a richer experience in print. So why keep Weekly in our name? Because we love this brand, and the history attached to it. And because I’m committed to bringing you more of the news and access you love, across a multiplying family of platforms. You’ll be getting even more EW every week (indeed every minute of the day) — in the form of digital covers, newsletters, special editions, killer audio, TV, and A-list events, to rattle off a few things — between each deluxe issue. But make no mistake: We are focused on making our wellspring magazine even better, packed with terrific writing and photography, and using our famed covers to stir things up. It’s a brilliant billboard for everything we do, and a cool piece of tech in itself.

It’s fitting that our Comic-Con issue kicks off this new era. The covers, masterfully executed by executive editor/creative director Tim Leong and photo editor Alison Wild, give you a sense of how we’re upping our game and honoring our traditions. We’re only just getting started — and I want to hear from you, the smartest audience in any dimension, as we evolve. After all, you’re family. And this will always be your home.

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