STAR WARS, (aka STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE), Mark Hamill, 1977
Credit: Everett Collection

More than 40 years after first going undercover as a stormtrooper, Mark Hamill is back at it.

The Star Wars actor was one of thousands participating in cosplay over weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego. After donning full Brooklyn Nine-Nine gear on Friday (he was one of the many voices lamenting the show’s cancelation at Fox), he once again donned the stormtrooper outfit on Saturday.

Not “arousing any suspicions it’s me because I’m too short for this costume” apparently topped his Day 3 Comic-Con wish list (hopefully, he also found the perfect nacho).

But the costumes didn’t stop there, with Hamill ending Comic-Con with a more custom outfit. Hamill’s “Orange Vader” sure appeared to be a blend of Darth Vader and President Donald Trump, especially considering the golf club, hair, and “Make the Death Star Great Again” shirt.