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At Comic-Con, the makers of Deadpool 2’s upcoming Blu-ray — the “Super Duper $@%!#& Cut” — found a way to shock even those who’ve already seen the movie.

“We do so many [alternate takes] and so many different versions of scenes, every joke is different,” star and producer Ryan Reynolds told the 6,000-plus attendees in Hall H on Saturday in San Diego. “You can basically release a different film.”

The digital release hits on Aug. 7 with the Blu-ray debuting Aug. 21, but Comic-Con got an early sample of what was cut (and what was too profane) for the theatrical version.

“Some of it’s cut for time,” Reynolds said. “Some of it’s for content. Some of it is too f—ing nuts to show, and we’ll all go to hell and get into deep trouble with our moms.”

It was a bizarre celebration of the taboo and obscene, with a litany of pedophile and scatological sex jokes provoking belly laughs from the crowd just one day after Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn was fired from the next sequel to that movie by a different studio over Twitter jokes he posted several years ago.

Comic-Con International 2018 - "Deadpool 2" Panel
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Rubbed” The Wrong Way

In one alternate scene screened for the audience, Deadpool is in the kitchen of the X-Men mansion, having a caustic exchange of double entendres with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and her girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna).

Negasonic Teenage Warhead gives Deadpool’s slacks and blue button-down shirt a scornful look. “Why is he dressed like a registered sex offender?”

In his insincere way, Deadpool tries to reassure her he’s a better person now, less prone to annoying mischief. “You two have really rubbed off on me, and I like to think I’ve rubbed off around you, too.”

The words take on a different meaning when ironhide giant Colossus enters the room after his calisthenic workout and picks up the soap dispenser full of white fluid.

“I just filled it,” Deadpool says. “Give it a few more pumps there.”

A Hard-R Family Film

Panel moderator Karan Soni, who also plays the taxi driver Dopinder in the film, asked writer Rhett Reese: “I loved the idea that Deadpool 2 was kind of this family film, with Deadpool trying to be a decent person. How did you zero in on that idea for the story?”

“So the first one is a bit of a romantic comedy, a love story. And with this one we thought, ‘Why not emulate the Disney movies and go family film?’” Rhett answered. (Disney is in the process of buying Fox Entertainment, which released the Deadpool films.)

Reynolds went on to clarify that this Blu-ray can only be marketed with symbols for one of the words, but he said it is actually known as the “Super Duper Thunderf— Edition.”

“It’s okay, they’ll bleep that out later,” he said.

Then it became a free-for-all as Soni opened it up for audience questions.

Cannibalism Question

One man wanted to know who among the Deadpool actors and creators would be the first to get eaten if they were stranded on a desert island.

After a short debate with the others, Reynolds said: “We could just eat each other in a feeding frenzy all at once, and see who walks out. We’ll film it and send it to whatever website you run.”

Reynolds (41) mentions his wife (30)

A woman asked the panel if they ever had an “a-ha” moment that shaped their lives.

“If I had to separate it from family, which is the more important stuff,” Reynolds said, scoffing and adding: “Whatever.”

Then it came time for him to brutalize his own work in the superhero bomb Green Lantern.

“In a career moment? For me it was that I worked in a certain comic book movie before, which you may or may not have heard of,” he said, drawing knowing laughs from the crowd.

“There’s a moment where you think, ‘I’ve been trying for 10 years to get [Deadpool] made, and somebody finally says yes. And you’re thinking, I need an adult diaper now. And I’m not sure if I want to do this,’” Reynolds said.

It was his wife, actress Blake Lively, who helped him get over his fear of returning to the superhero genre.

“It’s a scary moment to take that leap and jump back in,” Reynolds said. “My wife Blake said, ‘You’ve got to do this movie. You’ve been trying to get this movie made since before I was born.’”

More Green Lantern Hate

Another audience member asked him which of his movies he hated more: Green Lantern or X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which featured a version of Reynolds as Deadpool that no one — even Reynolds liked very much.

“Both have kind of been an endless wellspring of awesome jokes for Deadpool,” Reynolds said. “Both were amazing experiences. I had a ball shooting them.… But yeah, they’re both pretty bad.”

Creepy Baby Legs Animation

Reynolds also revealed his worry about a scene in Deadpool 2 in which the character loses his legs, and then has to waddle around pantsless with an adult torso on top of digitally rendered toddler legs while the limbs regenerate.

“We had this big concern because there’s just a tiny little flash of baby balls,” Reynolds said. “I was so worried the MPAA was going to say, ‘You guys are X-rated for that.’ And I was going to have to go down there, because you can go arbitrate these things, and have to convince them that those were my balls. And we are a rated-R movie.”

But the ratings board didn’t notice.

“Maybe we’ll have to give all the box office back now,” Reynolds said.

Would You Kill You-Know-Who?

There was one more disturbing baby joke. The panel ended with a new closing scene from the unrated edition: Deadpool has used Cable’s time travel device to venture even further back in the world’s timeline to 1889, where he stands over the crib of a newborn in a hospital nursery, trying to brace himself to… murder the baby.

It’s a bizarre, inexplicable scene, and remains unsettling even after we see the name on the crib: Adolph Hitler.

Like a lot of disturbing jokes, Reynolds said the comedy of the Deadpool movies is fueled by the things that make us uncomfortable.

“He filters his pain through a prism of humor,” the actor said.

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