Kevin Smith is feeling “so fantastic” after suffering a heart attack in February, which can come with its own complications. “The cure for the middle-age blues is to have a heart attack, kids,” Smith joked during an interview with EW at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday.

The Clerks creator explained how “a lot of people leave [the hospital after a heart attack] and go ‘that was easy’ and don’t think about changing their lives.” Smith was in the hospital for less than 48 hours and felt similarly. But the filmmaker is now a 5-month-old vegan and back to feeling like his old self.

“I used to drink two gallons of milk a day — might be why I had a heart attack,” Smith laughed. “I think I’ve had enough milk to last a lifetime,” he added.

Smith is now working on a new series called Hollyweed that he says is “as probably as close as we’re gonna get to another Clerks movie.”

“I tried like mad to make another Clerks movie. Unfortunately, one of the people doesn’t want to return [and] I can’t do it without that cat,” he explained. But Hollyweed, he says, is basically “Clerks in a weed store.”

Smith stars in Hollyweed with Donnell Rawlings as two guys running a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. Smith also wrote and directed the pilot, and if the show gets more financing on Rivit TV, Smith will “get to make six more” episodes.

Meanwhile, that “Jay and Silent Bob reboot” is still in the works. “We’re making a movie,” Smith said.

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