For horror hounds, there might not be a more anticipated event this fall than the big-screen return of Michael Myers in Halloween.

At Comic-Con Friday, returning star Jamie Lee Curtis and new co-writer/director David Gordon Green (Stronger) swung by the EW Comic-Con lounge to chat with EW’s own Clark Collis — who visited the set earlier this year — about their update to the iconic slasher franchise.

“There’s a beautiful simplicity to the storytelling,” explains Curtis, whose character Laurie Strode is still recovering from the trauma she incurred 40 years ago during the events of the original Halloween. But when Myers escapes during a prison transfer, Strode decides to take a stand against her former tormentor.

Both actress and director owe a surprising debt to none other than Jake Gyllenhaal, to whom Curtis jokes she served as a “celebrity godmother” for the majority of his life. Gyllenhaal, who worked with Gordon Green on the Boston Marathon survivor biopic Stronger, brokered the initial introduction between the director and Curtis.

For more — and to check out Curtis’ completely horrifying baby-cry voice — watch EW’s full interview with the Halloween dream team above.

Halloween (2018)
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