By Seija Rankin
July 20, 2018 at 07:19 PM EDT

Comic-Con is a star-studded event, but for an hour this Friday, it was a warrior-studded event. EW brought together some of television’s bravest actors for a panel on all things warrior. Benedict Wong from Deadly Class, Dylan Bruce from Midnight, Texas, Santiago Cabrera from Salvation, Tom Ellis from Lucifer, Jay Hernandez from Magnum PI, and Eoin Macken from Nightflyers gathered in the hallowed Hall H to talk about what it’s like to play heroes on the small screen.

Lynette Rice, EW’s editor-at-large, moderated the panel — in front of a packed house of Lucifer fans who were happy to see the show get a second life — and got everybody dishing straight off the bat about their upcoming roles. Moyer kicked things off by making mention of his character’s “pen enhancements,” and set the tone for a very lively (and occasionally raunchy) panel.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in the audience of Brave Warriors, fear not — we’ve collected the best moments below.

Rice began with a game, “Watch This, Answer for That,” in which the actors were shown embarrassing old photos of themselves. Things quickly went into R-rated territory when a shot of Ellis naked in a pawn shop flashed on the big screen and he told the audience, “That’s me playing with my joystick.” At another point, he delivered the phrase, “I think the local badminton team wants their shuttlecocks back.”

Since nobody is born an action star, the actors also dished on early childhood memories that were decidedly not brave or warrior-like. Moyer noted that his love for Star Wars ruled his younger years, while also copping to the fact that he may have thought the term was light saver. Cabrera apparently went through a phase, shortly after he moved to Toronto with his family, in which he refused to speak and stuck to barking like a dog. And Ellis regaled the audience of the nightmares he had after watching Nightmare on Elm Street at a too-young age — scary noises outside his bedroom window kept him up all night, which he soon learned was actually the sound of foxes having sex.

This group has, of course, matured past their embarrassing childhoods, so they also shared some of their bravest recent acts. Moyer told the audience, “I’m old enough to be these guys’ dad so I’m pretty brave to come on to this panel.” Ellis’ feat was getting his blood taken without passing out (thanks to a cup of sugar-y tea), Macken jaywalked on the way over to the panel, and Bruce deigned to ask his wife how she was doing — while she was in labor.

Playing an action hero often requires a love scene or two, which means inevitable awkwardness. It may look easy on TV, but it’s anything but behind-the-scenes — just ask Ellis, who had the audience in stitches with a story about wearing a “c— sock” that he was worried was going to fail to “keep the boys in the barracks” and involved some very painful double-sided tape. Wong got some sympathy for enduring a first-ever love scene that also happened to involve a group orgy, and Moyer spoke about the, ahem, biological aspects of love scenes that can sometimes be out of his control.

To wrap up the panel, the actors were put to a test: Share your best impression and win $1,000 for your favorite charity. Everyone put in admirable effort, but the clear crowd favorite was Bruce, who shared his take on Batman that he uses to help his son with a stuffy nose. (Yes, it involves the extraction of snot). His fake Christian Bale — complete with adorable baby shoutouts — earned him a check to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.