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The cast and producers of cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine were in a justifiably celebratory mood when they took the stage at Comic-Con Thursday night. Following the 31-hour rollercoaster of cancellation-by-Fox-pick-up-by-NBC in May, they brought their new-lease-on-life energy to a raucous hour-long session that offered the ecstatic, standing-room-only audience a few hints about the upcoming season and a running riff on one of the show’s signature jokes, “Title of Your Sex Tape.”

(Some good contenders, sans context: I Didn’t Know I Was Involved in This, Full Fat Greek with a Touch of Honey, Do You Want a Hard or a Medium?, Sex Crimes Christmas Party.)

Showrunners Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici and stars Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Miller gamely fielded questions both serious and silly while expressing gratitude to NBC for the pick-up and heartfelt affection for one another. (Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Holt, was absent, prompting Samberg to joke “He wanted everyone to know that he couldn’t care less.”)

Goor shared that the writers’ room has been up and running, and that they have a few scripts in the can. “Guys, spoiler alert,” he said, “I think this season is going to be really good.”

In addition to questions about characters and favorite scenes, several fans commended the show for its sensitive portrayal of Beatriz’s character, Rosa, coming out as bisexual, its overall diversity, and Crews received a long ovation for his outspoken support of the #MeToo movement, causing several cast members to well up with emotion.

Goor also engaged in a comic trivia battle, pitting audience members against the cast on stage with the fans emerging as the clear victors.

Here are a few of the burning questions that were answered in between the tears, mutual admiration, and laughs:

When will they resolve the cliffhanger of whether Captain Holt becomes commissioner?
“I think it’s very clear from Holt’s expression exactly what happened,” joked Goor of Holt’s perfect poker face at the end of the final episode of season 5, expertly dodging the question. “So cliffhanger is a weird way to describe it.” Goor did tease, however, that “there’s a fun Hitchcock-Scully episode coming up — you might be seeing them in their past at some point. That’s a little nugget. Don’t tell anyone who wasn’t here.”

Will “Pontiac Bandit” Doug Judy return to charm and thwart the 99th precinct?
Goor comically stumbled through gibberish in answering the question about the smooth operator played to charismatic perfection by Craig Robinson (The Office). “We’re trying, we want to do it, he wants to do it,” said Goor, putting his head down in mock frustration.

If the show had been canceled, what did the actors think would be the ultimate fates of their characters?
Samberg envisioned his Die Hard-obsessed character, Jake Peralta, becoming best friends with Bruce Willis. Peretti went for the Gina-appropriate Beyonce as a bestie. Lo Truglio theorized that Boyle would open an Italian restaurant. Both Fumero and Crews pictured their characters being promoted to captain, with Fumero adding that Amy would finally have become best friends with her idol, Capt. Holt. McKinnon Miller pictured his and Blocker’s characters, Hitchcock and Scully, taking over Nine-Nine watering hole Shaw’s.

Will Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez be back as Rosa’s love interest?
Short answer: maybe. “She is a super successful, super busy actress with a show of her own, of which she is the star which everyone should also watch,” said Goor. “But we are trying to do that and she is trying to do that and we are definitely hopeful it will happen.”  Beatriz, who is friends with Rodriguez, noted that the CW star had to squeeze her appearance on the show into a day of her vacation. “She wants to come back so badly, it’s just a matter of scheduling,” said Beatriz.

Will we learn if the oft-mentioned Kelly is Scully’s ex-wife or his dog?
“Great question and that will definitely be answered this season,” said Goor, joking “that is the arc of the season.”

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