By Mary Sollosi
July 20, 2018 at 04:30 PM EDT
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Archer is moving from interwar Danger Island to a futuristic season 10.

Some of the cast and crew of FX’s animated sitcom stopped by the EW video studio at Comic-Con Friday morning and teased the upcoming 10th season in a video that streamed live on Facebook Watch. The recently concluded season 9, titled Archer Danger Island, teased an intergalactic direction for the next batch of episodes, which EP Matt Thompson confirms for EW’s Gerrad Hall in the video above.

When the creative team developed Danger Island, “We wanted to get out of our last season, which was like really dire and dark and very film noir, and just do silly make ‘em ups on an island. And what we love is the cast, so we wanted to trap them on an island and just have them talk to each other,” he says. “Next season is similar in the fact that they are all kind of cloistered together, but they’re going to be cloistered together on a spaceship.”

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“Oh my god, are we talking about that?!” Aisha Tyler cried upon hearing the boss give away the premise of the new season.

Apparently they are. After Lucky Yates shared that it will be called Archer 1999, Thompson continued: “But it’s not 1999, we are definitely in the future, with, like, warp drive, and whatever.”

“Warp drive, and laser sex, and also robot sex,” Tyler elaborated. “Both of the kinds of futuristic sex, the laser sex and robot sex. In the future those are the kinds you’ll be having, is laser and robot.” We can’t wait!

Check out the full video from EW’s Comic-Con suite above.

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