By Mary Sollosi
July 19, 2018 at 07:35 PM EDT
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The upcoming fourth Predator movie, Shane Black’s The Predator, will bring a new element to the series when it hits theaters this fall: laughter.

“This movie has a wonderful sense of humor that I think people don’t necessarily associate with the Predator franchise,” star Sterling K. Brown says. “But they will, come Sept. 14.”

Brown joined Black and costars Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane, Trevante Rhodes, Augusto Aguilera, and Jake Busey in the EW video studio at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday to tease the upcoming film in a live video on Facebook Watch. “I’m looking forward to people seeing the humor and the wittiness and the quips,” Key told EW’s Piya Sinha-Roy, echoing Brown. “I’m looking forward to people seeing humans with foibles as opposed to superheroes with machine guns. It’s much more infinitely interesting to watch real humans, with foibles, who have machine guns.”

“It doesn’t feel like we’re recreating something, or that it’s a nostalgic experience, although it started that way,” said Black, who appeared as an actor in the original 1987 film and brings his experience full circle by directing and co-writing the new installment. “It feels like we found a brand new group, a family that took a template from something very old and tried and true and brought it to a level that is every bit as satisfying — and so much more fun, because I get to hang with these guys now.”

And who wouldn’t want to hang with these guys? When EW shared a fan question asking the most fun day on the set, they could hardly come to a consensus.

“The day in the mud with all that rain,” Jane said.

“I think it was when we were on that bus,” Aguilera offered.

“I loved our scene in the lab,” Munn recalled.

“The scene in the lab was fun,” Brown ceded. “But I was jealous that I wasn’t on the bus.”

Check out the full video from Comic-Con above, and watch the stars’ hilarious favorite moments when The Predator hits theaters in September.

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