By Nick Romano
July 19, 2018 at 08:46 AM EDT
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Conan O’Brien took the Marvel-DC fan feud to new heights in a Comic-Con parody sketch that finds the heroes of both cinematic worlds stuck in the same cafeteria together.

With the host of Conan cosplaying as a Batman who yearns for a spot on the Avengers team, the sketch kicked off O’Brien’s residency at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

At the DC table, Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson became Aquaman, You’re the Worst‘s Chris Geere played Superman, and Andy Richter played Robin, Boy Wonder. At the Marvel table, Bob’s Burgers‘ Rob Huebel was Iron Man, Keanu‘s Keegan-Michael Key was Black Panther, Anchorman‘s David Koechner was Thor, and Another Period‘s Riki Lindhome was Black Widow. Both sides fired shots at each other, but it was mostly Marvel dumping on DC.

“Come on, guys. DC, Marvel, what’s the difference?” Batman says.

“Have you checked the box office lately, Bruce Lame,” Black Panther, the star of a billion dollar-busting movie, quipped.

They also spoofed how DC movies tend to be “sad and tortured and always soaked in the rain” (“Is Gotham City in Seattle?”), how “everyone knows” Batman’s origin story, and how there’s a lack of female superheroes in movies. Black Widow knocks out Batman with her signature leg-lock takedown after the Caped Crusader implied women can’t be fighters.

Richter’s Robin got in a few jabs at Marvel, too. He popped in to mock Thor’s “Medieval Times” look, Black Widow’s “S&M spin class” costume, “richy rich” Iron Man’s “iPhone case” armor, and Black Panther’s “kitty cat suit.”

The Fantastic Four sucked,” Robin said as he walked off, even though Iron Man was quick to point out that the Fox movie wasn’t a part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Watch the skit above.

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