An awesome new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok debuted at Comic-Con International on Saturday, teasing more details about the third standalone Thor movie and showcasing the latest film’s mix of space opera and comedy (mostly courtesy of star Chris Hemsworth’s interactions with Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo).

As shown in the footage, Thor is reunited with Hulk and the duo team up to stop the evil Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death (a delightful Cate Blanchett). With help from Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Valkryie (Tessa Thompson), Thor and Hulk seek to prevent Hela from causing Ragnarok, or as Thor calls it in the teaser, “the end of everything.”

The latest trailer (seen above) includes lots of humor (the film is directed by Hunt for the Wilderpeople filmmaker Taika Waititi), a notable highlight in the initial first look, plus a moment many fans have been waiting for: Hulk’s first words as Hulk. The trailer ends with Thor and Hulk arguing about who is more hot-headed:

Hulk: “Hulk like fire. Thor like water.”
Thor: “We’re kind of both like fire.”
Hulk: “But Hulk raging fire, Thor like smoldering fire.”

See a new poster for Thor: Ragnarok below.

In addition to the new trailer, Marvel teased a clip from Thor: Ragnarok. In the footage, Thor becomes the property of The Grandmaster — and the new clip from the Marvel Studios movie shows Jeff Goldblum’s character to be as befuddled as he is menacing.

As the brother of The Collector, Benicio del Toro’s character from the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Goldblum plays an ancient being who runs a cosmic ultimate fighting ring. He’s high end, classy — except when it comes to the powerful beings he imprisons and forces to fight for his amusement.

The clip previewed for the Comic-Con audience on Saturday shows Thor’s arrival at the arena — and his reunion with the Hulk, his “friend from work.”

“Everyone has been worried sick about you!” Thor tells the big green guy. Neither one has been involved with the Avengers for a few years, missing the events of Civil War. Thor tells Hulk not to worry about it, since the superhero team has “gone corporate.”

The movie is also the second one at Comic-Con today to feature a musical homage to Gene Wilder’s “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. It was featured in the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and turns up as the background music for Thor’s colorful introduction to the Grandmaster in Ragnarok.

The last time we saw Asgard, the mischief god Loki was sitting on the throne, disguised as his adoptive father Odin.

Tom Hiddleston, who has played the charismatic cosmic villain in the original Thor, the first Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World, told the Hall H crowd that we’re going to see what happens when a ruler is more concerned with aggrandizing himself than leading with wisdom and generosity.

Imagine that.

“Thor comes home and things are a little different in Asgard,” the actor said. “Loki has devoted most of his efforts to narcissistic self-glorification. Not so much on good governance.”

Ragnarok, the end of the world (or worlds) is coming, by way of Cate Blanchett’s Hela, and Loki has a role in helping her efforts. Chaos is his thing.

Mark Ruffalo revealed that the Hulk, who turns up on a gladiator world as a hero whose brawling and smashing has earned him respect instead of derision, is in “perma-Hulk mode.”

He hasn’t been Bruce Banner for a few years. The human side of him has been suppressed. Smashed, if you like.

He told the crowd that Hulk is no longer a grunting presence; he has lines, and the vocabulary of a toddler.

Looking to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Ruffalo asked if that was too much information. “Too late, “ Feige said.

“We may or may not have a speaking Hulk in Thor 3,” Ruffalo said, jokingly trying to backtrack.

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