Meowthra awakens!

As Dave Franco’s Lloyd discovers in the new LEGO NINJAGO Movie trailer, there’s a different, far more monstrous threat besides his world-domineering father.

Warner Bros. released new footage for the film timed to San Diego Comic-Con with lots of new looks of the Green Ninjago warrior and toxic relationship with his dad, Garmadon (voiced by Justin Theroux), a former ninja and current warlord. But there’s a new villain on the mini-brick block: Meowthra.

Just like how The LEGO Movie saw Master Builder Emmet venture into the non-bricked reality with a live-action Will Ferrell, a giant, cuddly cat storms Ninjago City. Can father and son set aside their quarrel to save civilization?

Joining Franco and Theroux are Jackie Chan as the “wise” and “wise-cracking” Master Wu, Olivia Munn as Lloyd’s mom, Michael Peña as Kai, Fred Armisen as Cole, Kumail Nanjiani as Jay, Abbi Jacobson as Nya, and Zach Woods as Zane. Many of these stars assembled in San Diego for a special Comic-Con presentation on Thursday night.

“We are incorporating natural elements really for the first time,” producer Dan Lin said of the new feline villain at the panel. “It’s almost like LEGO put in your backyard, with real water, real trees, real grass. I don’t want to give away too much but we also have other real world elements that slip into the world. In the first movie, we had the Kragle, and we’ve taken that to the next level with LEGO NINJAGO.”

Charlie Bean directs The LEGO NINJAGO Movie alongside Paul Fisher and Bob Logan. Following Will Arnett’s solo outing in The LEGO Batman Movie, this film will open in theaters on Sep. 22.

Watch the new trailer above.

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