By Jeff Jensen
July 22, 2017 at 06:33 PM EDT
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While DC Entertainment was showcasing the future of its cinematic universe in Hall H, the superhero factory was in another big ballroom, teasing an ambitious new Superman-inspired TV series set several galaxies away. Premiering next year on SYFY, Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Seyg-El, the grandfather of the future Kal-El, and tells an epic story about the history of the planet that birthed him. Or hatched him. However that high-tech, super-science society makes their babies.

Krypton will have no connection to The CW’s family of DC shows; you could say it resides in its own bottle world. The scale is massive, says Damian Kindler, who runs the show with fellow executive producer Cameron Welsh. “Everything is a visual effect or built. … It’s the ultimate world-building sandbox.” Here are five things we learned from the quick yet rich panel, moderated by superstar Geoff Johns, president and chief creative officer at DC Comics.

The premise involves time travel

“Although it takes place centuries ago on Krypton, it’s about a conspiracy from the present to travel back in time to prevent Superman’s legacy from ever happening,” Johns said.

The House of El ain’t flying high

“Due to events out of Seyg’s control, the House of El has been stripped of its rank, and they’re thrown to the very bottom of society,” said Cuffe, who came to the part as a serious comic book reader (the dude knows his different Robins) and a big fan of his boss, Geoff Johns. “He’s just struggling to live. He’s still attached to something bigger than himself, but it feels distant. He’s a hustler struggling to get by day-to-day.” Seyg’s class struggle will also include a Romeo and Juliet-ish romance with a daughter from the House of Zod.

Heroes from across DC’s galactic universe will be dropping by Krypton

Among the time-traveling do-gooders that’ll be beaming to Krypton determined to stop the conspiracy: Adam Strange, an Earthling who doubles as the protector of a planet known as Rann, and Hawkwoman, a warrior from the planet of Thanagar (with no relation to the Hawkwoman of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). Rann and Thanagar aren’t exactly on the best of terms in the comics; that’ll be reflected in the show.

Krypton is infested with familiar villains, too

You get a very big hit of Brainiac in the show’s trailer (which you can see below). Look closely and you’ll also see some Black Mercy, a sentient plant that snares victims by trapping them in dreams. Johns hinted that the villain most closely associated with this psychic foliage, Mongul, will be terrorizing Krypton, too. Fans will also be getting Superman-slayer Doomsday.

Other aspects of Superman mythology that will be represented are…

…the Fortress of Solitude and the bottle city of Kandor.


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