Family Guy will return to Fox this fall as a kinder, gentler comedy— oh, who are we kidding? The Griffins are loud, proud, and tearing up envelopes instead of pushing them, as always. Look no further than the season 15 trailer, which was revealed during the show’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego on Saturday. What outrageous rage-filled high jinks are to come?

Presenting: a goat-milking mishap, a firepole mishap, a rollercoaster mishap involving lots of gravity-influenced vomiting, Chris and Meg graphically taking down a sensitivity mob at school in a riff on the Kingsman church massacre, a live-action cameo by Danny Trejo, and, yes, some very welcome appearances from two beloved late actors: Mayor Adam West (West), who is riding a hoverboard while making fast friends with a rat, and Angela (Fisher) who fires Peter from the brewery in a most unusual way.

Credit: Fox

Season 15 of Family Guy kicks off Oct. 1 on Fox. To read what the producers had to say about the five episodes that will feature West this year, click here.

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