Drew Powell also discusses Butch's secret identity

Ben McKenzie doesn’t encourage fans to feel optimistic about Gordon’s future when Gotham returns for season 4. Surrounded by costars, including Robin Taylor and Camren Bicondova, the actor told EW at Comic-Con a few details about the “dark path” for his character.

“Comparatively, perhaps he’s in a better place than some of these other truly evil, evil people,” McKenzie laughed. But when it comes to fighting the Penguin, who stepped into a leadership void of the criminal underworld, Gordon “doesn’t have a lot of good options.”

As McKenzie explained, “He has to either fight him directly or find allies to fight Penguin — surrogates to fight Penguin — which leads him down a dark path. So, that’s kind of the way we start for him in season 4.”


The network renewed Gotham for a fourth year later than usual, but before the season 3 finale aired in early June. If you didn’t see the episode, we won’t spoil it for you here, though you can read EW’s recap. Keeping it vague, Butch will go by another identity that will be familiar to DC comic book fans.

Actor Drew Powell told EW he knew about the big revelation after filming commenced on the season before, and he’s been practicing his voice for the revamped role. “He’s this physical brute, so I had to lose some of the Butch softness,” he teased.

Fans can also expect more from Barbara in what Erin Richards said is her “final evolution into her best self” (cue the speculation) and perhaps more development between Penguin and The Riddler.

Gotham will return on Thursday, Sep. 28 on FOX. Watch more from EW’s Comic-Con interview in the video above.

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