Nobody wears a boring trench coat, she promises EW at Comic-Con

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This Saturday, San Diego Comic-Con went blonde.

Atomic Blonde star, EW special issue cover heroine, and all-around badass Charlize Theron stopped by EW’s Comic-Con video studio at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday to talk about her sexy new spy thriller, directed by John Wick filmmaker David Leitch.

“And I saw potential for a character like that to maybe live and breathe in a way that I’ve always been fascinated [by],” Theron told EW’s Kyle Anderson, “to see if a woman can kind of play by the same rules that men get to play by in these films.” She promises that the violent action flick “[takes] a spy thriller and [turns] it on its head.”

Earlier on Saturday, Theron headlined EW’s annual “Women Who Kick Ass” panel, during which she talked to Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson about how women can be warriors — and said she wants to play Imperator Furiosa again. She spoke about her passion for action, and the nearly wordless Mad Max, in the video studio. “The first time I ever told a story was through dance,” she told Anderson. “I think I’ve always had a connection with the physical.”

And get physical she does. “Lorraine definitely chooses a life that’s very dangerous, and she’s going to find herself in circumstances where it’s live or die, and she’s going to have to be able to fight her way out of that, hand-to-hand combat style,” Theron said of her new character. “Or by using a shoe, or a fridge, or whatever she can.”

Check out the full interview above. Atomic Blonde hits theaters July 28.

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