After the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel on Saturday, Affleck spoke to EW about his position as Caped Crusader

Comic-Con International 2017 - Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation
Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Warner Bros. debuted a new trailer for Justice League on Saturday during the studio’s Comic-Con panel, featuring Ben Affleck’s Batman alongside Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and the other heroes of the DC Universe. At the panel, Affleck addressed rumors about his future as Caped Crusader, which is expected to continue in Matt Reeves’ solo-superhero film, The Batman. After the panel, Affleck spoke to EW, further clarifying his role in that film and in the greater DC universe.

“My status remains what it always is,” the star explains. “I’ve done the two movies. I’ve always intended on doing a third if Warners wants to make it. Certainly, if the Batphone rings, I will answer.”

He blames some of the reports on his decision to step down from directorial duties on The Batman, which occurred in January of this year. “It’s such a big job, in terms of the stunts and the suit and the action and the character. Trying to do that, and direct, would probably be too much. Something would be compromised. I think it came off, optically, to the broader world, like lack of interest or enthusiasm. When in fact I love this character.”

Affleck also broadcast his support for the studio’s choice of director for The Batman. “I think getting Matt Reeves to come in and do it is really, really exciting,” he says. Rumors have swirled that the War for the Planet of the Apes filmmaker wants to use The Batman as a springboard to a trilogy. Says Affleck, “Matt hasn’t really unveiled his full vision yet. He wanted to wait until Apes came out, and he was obviously consumed with that. So I’m looking forward to hearing what his story is.”

This will be Affleck’s second starring role as the Caped Crusader (Affleck also did what he called a “walk-on” in last year’s Suicide Squad) and it’s the latest product of his longtime collaboration with Warner Bros., which dates back to his acclaimed crime thriller The Town.

“Warners has been working on it, making sure we’re getting it right. That’s the partnership you definitely want. With Wonder Woman, they really hit a home run. With [Justice League], I think we’ve found the tone, and found the flavor of it,” he says.

“I’d love to do it as long as they’ll have me,” he concludes. “Eventually it’ll be somebody else, and I’m sure they’ll get somebody great. But while I’m doing it, I’m going to do the best job I can, and really appreciate how lucky I am.”