All hail the once and future cosplayer

By Mary Sollosi
July 22, 2017 at 01:00 PM EDT

Adam Savage has outdone himself yet again. The former MythBusters host and noted cosplayer descended upon Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday as King Arthur, following up his 2016 showing as the bear from The Revenant (complete with a mauled Leonardo DiCaprio carcass).

Savage goes incognito at Comic-Con every year, walking the floor of the San Diego Convention Center in an elaborate, face-obscuring costume and inviting fans to try and discover him. This year, he hit the convention in a Camelot-worthy full suit of armor.

“Doing my cosplay walk is the high point of every Comic-Con,” Savage tells EW. “Even though someone guessed it was me in about three minutes, in general, fewer people stopped me for photos on this walk, maybe because I wasn’t an iconic character. It meant I walked around the floor for longer than I have at any Comic-Con.”

“This costume is the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since I was 14 when I first saw John Boorman’s Excalibur,” Savage says. He gave a TedTalk about cosplay last year, recalling multiple formative costuming experiences from his life, including the first time he saw Boorman’s film. “The knights in Excalibur wear their armor everywhere, all the time,” he said in the talk. “They wear it at dinner; they wear it to bed. I was like, are they reading my mind? I want to wear armor all the time!” So he went home and built himself a suit of it out of cardboard, complete with a white horse.

Adam Savage

A few years later, he made a second suit of armor, this time out of aluminum, with his father’s help. There are no photos of this one, however; he wore it to school and passed out from heat exhaustion in the middle of math class.

The latest incarnation of his decades-long obsession with the knightly uniform is certainly his greatest yet. “This suit was built by the same master armorer who designed and built the armor on [Excalibur], Terry English,” Savage tells EW. “I assisted him at his shop in Cornwall, making 120 separate pieces of formed metal attached with 400 rivets.”

“This is one of the most deeply personal costumes I’ve ever built,” he says.

See photos of the Savage collaborating with English and cosplaying as the once and future king below, and check out the video of him getting dressed and walking the convention floor above.

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