The Exorcist creator and executive producer Jeremy Slater shared an interesting bit of trivia when he and the rest of the Fox horror series cast dropped by EW’s Comic-Con studio in San Diego on Thursday: he had a priest bless the set.

“We brought a priest to bless the soundstages,” Slater told EW’s Jessica Shaw. “So nothing happened there, but any time we go off the soundstages, accidents follow up.” What accidents, you ask? Well, according to Slater and star Kurt Egyiawan, a TV fell on the show’s director of photography during the first season.

Surprisingly, a priest has yet to bless the show’s season 2 sets because “we need to get them in the right headspace,” joked Slater.

As previously reported, The Exorcist season 2 will follow Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) and former priest Marcus (Ben Daniels) as they travel to a group home at risk-foster children run by new series regular John Cho a secluded island off the coast of Seattle. After a twist-filled first season, the show’s writers decided not to build the season around one big twist and instead focused on smaller-twists and attempting different kinds horror.


“This season we’re trying a bunch of different types of horror. I think we have the psychological horror, [which] was brilliant last season, but we’re trying some other types,” said co-showrunner and EP Sean Crouch. “We have the body horror, which was great last season, but we’re trying to evolve that to different types, some frenetic paced horror that’s new to the season. We start right off at the top of our first episode with that and have sort of a fast paced two-episode, two-parter to start it off.”

Slater added, “We get some Cabin in the Woods horror, some creepy forest horror, some cute kids in peril horror, [and] some stuff that we didn’t get to play with last year.”

Watch the entire video above to find our more information on the show’s upcoming season.

The Exorcist returns Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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