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After iZombie‘s season 3 finale proved to be the ultimate game-changer — the world knows about zombies! — stars Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka, joined EPs Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about what fans can expect from season 4.

First up, they discussed that Discovery Day twist, which Thomas said had always been planned for about season 4 and will give them “so many more stories” to tell. Speaking to those stories, McIver revealed that they’re now calling the city New Seattle, which will be a walled-in community “where zombies and humans are trying to live together.” As for how Liv will react to this new world, McIver says we will see a bit of a “rebellious streak.”

When it comes to the question of whether Ravi will be human or zombie when the show returns, the cast isn’t providing any answers, though Kohli did say that while he loves playing “the human dynamic,” the zombie side of things is what he calls “tempting.”

Major, on the other hand, is back to his zombie ways, and Buckley says that “going into season 4, we see that he really has found a home at Fillmore Graves. He believes in their cause; he likes what they’re doing.” Furthermore, Buckley says it “gives him sense of purpose.” And yes, Chase Graves will be back.

The biggest news of the panel came when Robert Knepper sent in a video message revealing that he will now be a series regular, meaning that Angus is back. As Thomas put it, “Angus is going to get out of the well and he’s going to be up to no good and he’s going to have some very hardcore violent pro-zombie people on his side.”

But Angus won’t be the only “bad guy” around. Thomas also previewed a human terrorist organization that doesn’t want to see any zombie-human fraternization. As Thomas said, bad guys will be “coming at our characters from all sides of the spectrums,” from angry humans to angry zombies and everything in between.

More changes coming to New Seattle? Every detective now has a zombie partner to work with and the city has a refugee crisis on its hands considering anyone with a terminal disease wants to get scratched. But, as Thomas revealed, Chase makes it illegal for zombies to scratch humans to try to handle that.

Arguably, the greatest change in New Seattle is the fact that Shady Plots is now a cemetery-to-table restaurant called Romero’s.

iZombie season 4 will premiere in 2018.

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