Sophie Turner was booed for her answer -- plus more from the 'Thrones' Comic-Con panel on Friday


The cast of Game of Thrones — a lot of them anyway — took the stage at the San Diego Convention Center for show’s Comic-Con International panel on Friday. For the first time ever due to its unprecedented summer launch, the HBO hit was at the event while the current season is still running, putting the cast in the unique position of discussing a super-secret drama that’s only aired the first of its seven new episodes. (Episode 2 airs on Sunday night.)

Here’s what happened during the panel, which was moderated by Hodor actor Kristian Nairn. (His first word, of course, was “Hodor.”)

Gwendoline Christie was asked if she thinks Brienne secretly likes Tormund’s advances. “I don’t think at the foremost of her consciousness is a value system based on how men appreciate her,” she said. “But who doesn’t like being appreciated as both, really? But I don’t think that’s what she’s invested in. She’s finding it awkward. But underneath any awkwardness is potential secret enjoyment.” What else does Tormund have to do to win her over? “I think to win Brienne’s heart is about mutual respect about your skill and your ideals, not about overpowering of sexual advance.”

Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson was asked if there’s real potential for him and Missandei. “Oh yeah, there’s things firing between them,” he said. “I want those kids to be happy and find happiness between them.” But would Dany approve? “Yeah, she’d do the wedding!”

Is Sansa being manipulated by Littlefinger still? “At first there was manipulation,” Sophie Turner said. “But as Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these master manipulators… she’s just as good as playing the game as he is at this point.”

Would Davos really kill Melisandre in cold blood if he saw her again? “I don’t think he’s the vindictive type but if he was on the road and saw a lady in a red cape approaching that he would pull a Glock and put a couple caps in her ass,” Liam Cunningham said. “He wouldn’t hunt her down like Arya. But he would put her in a shallow grave somewhere.”

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For everybody, Nairn asks what’s the first law each character would pass if they ended up on the Iron Throne: Christie: “That women can be knights.” Alfie Allen: “The brotherhood that Beric is a part of be made throughout the land so everybody could come back to life.” Conleth Hill: “That Comic-Con is free.” Turner: “Unlimited carbohydrates, that’s what I want.” Cunningham: “Free Dornish wine throughout the land.” Nathalie Emmanuel: Free “language lessons.” John Bradley: “That maesters have to empty out their own chamber pots.” Nairn: “I would make it illegal for one person to mount another and make him carry him.”

What scares Varys? “Whatever that sorcerer said,” Hill said. “He’s survived so much but that’s the one thing we don’t know — what was said. And with [Hodor’s] experience with words and ‘hold the door,’ I’m worried I’ll be holding a door at some point. That’s a mystery that I don’t know the answer to.”

Does Sansa retain any of her ideas about love and marriage? Does she see men in a different light? “She’s not like season 1 Sansa and looking for a relationship or love at the moment, she’s done with that,” Turner said. “She’s always on the search for happiness but sees the reality of the situation. In terms of seeing men in a different light, I think she sees the world in a different light. She’s woke now, guys. She trusts no one.”

Should Dany had made Missandei her Hand instead of Tyrion? “I don’t know about that,” Emmanuel said. “That would be cool, I’d love to play that. But Tyrion knows the enemy and is much more experienced with being a Hand and the political landscape … so I support Tyrion in that role.”

Which deceased character do they wish hadn’t died? Christie: “Catelyn Stark.” Allen: “Khal Drogo.” Hill: “Catelyn” Anderson: “I’m still hurting about Ned Stark.” Turner: “I just loved working with Jack Gleeson so much that I have to say Joffrey” — prompting boos from the crowd. Cunningham: “I’d have to say my baby girl Shireen. That still hurts.” Emmanuel: “I’m still heartbroken about Hodor.” Bradley: “Robb Stark … and if there’s one character I wish they hadn’t killed it would be Jon Snow to save us from having been asked about it every five minutes for a whole year.” Wright: “Some of the direwolves,” he joked to his Hodor castmate.

Costume problems? “I’ve had to be sewn into my costumes which is problematic when you need to go into the bathroom,” Emmanuel said.

And then the team closed things out with a new trailer for season 7. See it here.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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